Tuesday, May 10, 2011

done with undergrad!

wow. so today was my last final as an undergrad. ever. wow. wow. wow. soooo, what now? still looking around for jobs. keep your fingers crossed for me. hopefully life works out alright. 

in weight related news, yanno whats been happening lately? i look in the mirror and i kinda dig what i see. WOAH. im not sure that i have ever been like this. but i've been working hard for my body and now its paying off. i definitely have lost some fat and starting gaining muscle... still have body fat in some hard-to-lose places tho >.< like, the sides of my back.. idk what to call that area. but like, btwn your armpit and your hip... the place where your bra strap pinches and makes you look fat. that area WILL NOT SHRINK. geeeez. i thought my arms and stomach were gonna be the difficult places, but my arms are looking pretty nice these days and my tummy is getting there (still have fat to lose, but toning up slowly over time). but this side area... idk wtf to do!!? its not like a muscley area that you can work a bunch.. or is it?? is there something im missing here?? grrrrr. i'll probably spend some time googling that tonight, cause honestly, if that went away i'd like my body a lot more. its the only area that im sad about =/ 
anyways, been eating pretty well lately too. on a good low fat diet, plenty of good fiber carbs and veggies and fruits. been into greek yogurt lately too.. mmmmmm. the low fat kind is pretty good for you! its low fat, low sugar, decent protein.. and i eat it with fruit. cant beat that!

ok off to go google stuff. but here are a few pics. sorry im slacking lately!

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