Monday, May 2, 2011

fat loss diet

helloo all

so i've spent the last couple days on vacation.. came back to the real world yesterday. all vacation i was super bloated and backed up. i really didn't eat too much... surprisingly. i definitely ate more fat and sugar than usual, but i was able to balance it with plenty of fruits and veggies and exercising. so anyways, i was all bloated from vacation and sure that i gained weight. but yesterday when i came back i ate healthy and drank one of those superfood drinks, and today i felt all cleansed. not bloated at all. if anything, i look thinner than before i left for vacation (wooo)
but seeing as there is still body fat that doesnt seem to want to disappear off me, i've decided to go on a pretty extreme (well, extreme for me) diet. here's my main plan
b fast: fruits with, greek (non sweetened, low fat) yogurt OR the super healthy oatmeal
lunch: salad with extra veggies/fruits some low fat cheese (no dressing) OR scrambled egg whites with a side of apple or celery and pb
dinner: loads of veggies with a little bit of roasted chicken and some whole grain side (like whole grain pasta or brown rice or toast)

i bought a whole chicken and i'm gonna roast it tmrw. i figure thats cheaper than buying the boneless chicken breasts. even tho dark meat is fattier and less healthy, i figure its ok to eat it. plus i feel like i can stretch out this whole chicken for atleast a week.

and of course im gonna do plenty of cardio and working out probably 5 or 6 days a week. i dont have weights, so im gonna try to find something online for a strengthening workout. i figure push ups and lunges probably have the same effect as weights, no? maybe? idk.

ok i don't have many pics for today, but here you go:

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