Monday, April 25, 2011


i repeat: uuuuuggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! i feel awful!! i ate too much too fast and now my tummy is having a hard time digesting. ugh. it hurts. i ate some steamed veggies and a whole box of mac and cheese <- why did i do that?? calorie-wise it actually isnt that bad.. only like 600 calories (oh, but a thousand carbs and fat) but its the fact that i ate all of it and kinda quickly. like i was a machine or something. i knew half way thru that my stomach was gonna be upset.. but i did it any way. idk why. ugh. 
i just hope my stomach calms down soon cause i wanna work out tonight. i need to. i slacked off yesterday, and eating all those carbs makes me feel REAL fat right now. like, i just spent five minutes pinching my arm fat. WHY ARE MY ARMS SO FAT?!? oh probs cause i just ate a box of mac and cheese >_>

anyways, heres some pics. i wont post for a couple days, so enjoy for now.

^ i probably have her body right now. slim, but a little bit of fat. i might even be a little thinner. why does she look so good but i look awful?!


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