Sunday, April 24, 2011

been a while

hey all (or anyone looking at this.. which is probably no one hahah)

been a while since i've posted anything, so thought i should this morning. oh, its easter for those who care/celebrate. soo happy zombie day.. stay away from that chocolate!!

lately i've been feelin pretty good! the scale still hovers around 135/136lbs but i guess thats okay? idk. i think i look better, so i'm trying not to get pissed off about what the scale says. i feel good and i'm starting to look real good. my arms are definitely stronger and thinner (yay). and my legs, even tho i always liked them, are a bit thinner and stronger so i like them even better. my stomach is getting flatter and smaller... buuuut this leads me to my 2 problem areas
1. my lower tummy. idk what kinds of ab exercises to do, but i have a little pouch =[ the rest of my tummy is nice. my sides (obliques?) are nice and my upper abs are great.. but the lower ones... ugh... covered with a pouch of fat. i've been on a pretty strict 'no sugar' diet.. just fruits, veggies, and whole grains, little bit of fat (eggs for bfast). and that helped a bit.. but idk.. all my ab workouts work out the sides and upper. gonna have to google some exercises for lower abs.
2. the sides of my back.. like that area that looks gross when someone's bra is too tight. know where i mean? haha mines not super gross, but my back is so nice, thin, toned, and my chest/upper abs are nice.. so why are the sides a bit flabby? it grosses me out. and idk what exercises to do... like.. are there even muscles there to work? hahah. i thought cutting the fat and sugar would help that too..but idk.. it seems like its still there. ugh.

well, today after i finish a paper and some other hws, i'm gonna go SHOPPING! ok, i haven't gone shopping in a really long time.. like probably since summer! so i want to go buy some summer clothes! and i feel good about my body so it should be super fun! i don't wanna spend too much money tho, so hopefully i can find some sales (yes, i'm super cheap xD) and then after that i need to re-dye my hair. my roots are INSANE haha so that'll be fun. and when i dye it i'm not gonna dilute the dye with conditioner like i've been doing lately, so my hair is gonna be like magenta! hahah my boss/advisor i don't think likes it very much, but I GRADUATE IN TWO WEEKS!!! this monday is the last day of class (how stoopid right?) so i figure what the hell.. instead of having semi-normal burgundy hair, might as well make it burgundy magenta! hehe yay

ok well, enough blabbling.. on to thinspo <3

love radiohead. thought about getting a crying minotaur too.. hmm..

i. love. this.

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  1. That minotaur is sooo cute. Also, love the arm one.

    Have a good day! :)