Wednesday, April 13, 2011


so this morning, much to my surprise, i stepped on the scale on a whim, and it read 136!! finallyyyy!!! my goal was to be 136 this past sunday but i'd been stuck on 138 for almost two weeks! jeez! i was so happy i finally got to 136! hopefully i can loose another pound or two by the weekend!
its probably all the taebo i've been doing (yes i am literally obsessed with it). but i've done it just about every day for the last week soo yayyy. im gonna keep it up! and hopefully buy another dvd this weekend when i get paid. thats the only problem with taebo dvds.. i'm starting to lose interest in the first one i bought. not cause its boring or a bad workout, but just cause i've done it a dozen times so i know what comes next and how much longer till i'm done so idk it takes more effort to be focused i guess. but the more dvds i buy, the more i can rotate them and do different things everyday. cause i don't want to be doing the same workout all the time.. that might bulk up certain muscles and neglect others.. so variety will be good.
I'm definitely seeing a change in my body. its slight, but its there. overall theres less fat on me and more muscle. thats probably why the number on the scale isn't going down so fast. but im ok with that. i wanna looked toned.. just not muscley. and i think thats whats happening. all the taebo gives you a decent cardio workout but it also strengthens you but with your own body weight so its not like your doing reps of 20lb weights. my legs seems a little bit thinner and stronger, but the change is noticable in my arms (YAY) and my back.. hot damn my back looks awesome. and my stomach is slightly thinner... tae bo doesn't do a great job working your abs unless you're reaalllyy focused on holding them in the whole time.. which is super hard when you're kicking and punching and shit. so i think i need to add in some ab workout.

^she's so hot.

^she's got a great body. thin but not scary skinny.

ok im rambling.. onto the thinspo

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