Tuesday, April 5, 2011


so i did a new taebo workout today. it was tae bo "extreme" ... and it was. my arms are already sore! it was super fun tho, and definitely doable. i'm hoping i wont be too sore to workout tmrw tho. i wanna keep up my "do a taebo workout every day" plan for the week and see what happens. HOPEFULLY i lose poundage and gain nice muscle. i am a little afraid of over-doing it and ending up scary-manly-buff. but the tae bo seems to balance muscle things with cardio so i should be aiiight. and if not, its just a week, so i can easily tone it down and do less tae bo and more running/ plain cardio. 

i'm trying not to be so gloomy, but really, my mood is so up and down with how i feel about my body. i wish i could just chill and accept it for now and accept the fact that it will get to be what i want it to be eventually, but errrrrghhh.. i just want the numbers to go down. its hard to feel good about working out and shiz when the scale stays at 138... and i know, i know, muscle weighs more than fat, and its not about the number, its about how you look and feel, but DAMMIT its a little bit about the number, and i want it at 135.. and then 130... and maybe 125? 


well, heres some pics who dont have the same problems as i do:

^ i just think this is funny xD  <3

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