Monday, April 4, 2011

long post with lots of blabbing

hey alll

so i'm about to ramble for a bit. about my weight, duh. i just feel so bipolar about my weight/body. one day i'm all "yayy this is going so well, i feel great!" and then the next i'm like "oh GOD im a bloated cow!". i think im still at 138... that number will be the death of me. my goal is 135 by sunday. I CAN DO IT I CAN DO IT I CAN DO IT! i just dunno how =/ i am exercising like i usually do. and its not like i eat a tonne of fattening food. ughh. idk. i really don't. 
I ordered two more tae bo dvds... so they should be here [hopefully] tmrw? yayyy. so i think i will try doing one tae bo workout a day until sunday. it sucks cause i'm super busy with school work, so i get real tired trying to juggle everything. but i can do it. yeaaahhhh 135! i just wanna be super hot! hahah like, toned and thin. not super skinny. ugh. i'm not fat, but like, if i'm having a bloaty day, i definitely look bad. if i'm having a good day i look fine. i just wish when i had a bloaty day i looked fine, and when i had a good day i looked awesome. yanno? maybe that didn't make any sense. 

well, i hope those tae bo dvds come in tmrw. theyre fun, and make me feel like i'm getting stronger. 

anyways, got lots of pics:

^perfect back and arms <3

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