Saturday, April 2, 2011

quick post

hey alll
suuuperr busy, so this will be quick and short. im at a steady 138 it seems. which is ok, cause that what technically my goal for this week, but also worries me cause i am in a rut! just means i'm gonna have to kick it up a notch. i was thinking of doing a week or two of cleanse dieting.. not the "drinking lemonade and maply syrup" kind.. cause thats just weird... but sticking to uncooked fruits and veggies, lean meats/eggs whites, no cheese (waahhh =/ ) no sugar (double wahhh =/ ) i think it'll help me shed some more fat and get leaner. unfortunately i'm gonna be soo busy this coming week idk if i'll have the time to buy proper groceries or really if i'll be able to do it =/ but im definintely gonna try. so hopefully i can stick to it and drop some pounds next week! 

alright, enough blabbing. these are all suicide girls, so hopfully i'm not infringing on some copyright or something. but dayumm. they're hot. always wanted to be a suicide girl, like a secret double life kinda thing, but idk any photographers. haha oh well, maybe one day...

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