Thursday, March 31, 2011


ugh. i think i'm stuck at 138.. >_< one the one hand, that was my goal for this week. but on the other hand, i wish losing the pounds was as easy as it was last week. i think getting to 130 is definitely gonna take some work. hopefully keeping up the good job i've been doing will work!

i just did my tae bo dvd. god i love that thing =] my arms are definitely thinner/more toned than two weeks ago! =D still not skinny (i hate my arms) but definitely better! and overall i think i've lost fat around my back/tummy area. again, not tons, but some. which is definitely awesome and motivating. 

gonna go running tomorrow. hopefully run longer than i did tuesday. 

well, don't have much else to say. 


^ i love that grungey, fucked up look <3

^so. hot.


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