Tuesday, March 15, 2011

addicted to food

hi all

been doing basically NOTHING since spring break. its very relaxing.. and boring.. haha. but i have been running since i've been home, which of course feels so good. unfortunately tho, i've been eating like a PIG! i just can't help it!! i made cheesecake and ate the shit out of that, and have been putting cheese and bacon on EVERYTHING! soo goood. i'm gonna try to eat healthier for the next couple days tho. lets see what happens! 

the whole time i've been on break i've been addicted to food network. i LOVE paula and the neelys. hahaha i'm so south. hopefully i get to move down there after i graduate. sure, i'll have to work out extra hard in the land of steak and bbq, but it'd be SO worth it! hahah, have i mentioned i'm addicted to food? =]

anyways, on to the pictures!

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