Friday, March 25, 2011

who needs reasons, when you've got heroin


weighed in at 138 today. im gettin good at this 'lose weight, get in shape' thing. don't wanna get my hope up tho. i feel like these first 5 pounds are easy, but now its gonna get more difficult. but i can do it. i feel good and already look better =] 

i did my taebo this morning. god i love it. maybe i can get another dvd soon.. or a kick boxing one if they make those? idk, but im pretty poor right now so im trying to save money. I did buy a 10 min ab video from amazon (those are only 1.99 to dl) buuut idk.. abs aren't rly sore today so idk if it was worth it. i think next time i do it i'll do it twice in a row or three times in a row so that it'll be a 20 min ab workout =]

i also applied for a couple jobs today. oh future, you scare me. but i am actually really excited to move (where ever that may be). i think when i move im gonna change up my style a bit. right now im kinda like grungy/punk .. like i wear a lot of black and flannel haha and i have two pairs of boots i wear religiously. but when i move i wanna keep this grungy punk look but i also want to add some sexy rocker types of clothing to my wardrobe... like, stripper shoes (hahaha) and ripped denim. so when i go out, i still have my punk look but its uber sexy. cause, i really do love high heels (plus i can walk in them perfectly fine) so i'd like to buy some high high heels to wear on nights and weekends instead of just my demonia boots. ok well, on to the thinspo <3

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