Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lotsa pics!

'ello lovely.

so today i stepped on the scale and it read 138. woot. i think i can make it to 136 by sunday. yessir. i can doo itttt! i went to the gym this morning too. ran about 2.5 miles (not nonstop =/ took a 2 min walking break half way thru) but maybe i'll start setting work out goals to go along with my weight loss goals. hmm yeah, thats a good idea. plus that will keep me from plateau-ing. ok so by next tuesday i will run 2.5 miles straight!

well, i don't have much other to say, so onto the pics! i spent lots of time search the highs and lows of the intarwebs for some good tattoo thinspo pics of some very awesome and beautiful girlies, so enjoy! oh, and as always, if i post a pic of you or someone you know and you want me to delete it, just tell me! i mean no harm, just love<3

^ she's a fucking badass! <3

^she has such a perfect back!

^don't you wish you were that sexy?! can't even see her face, but dayum.

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