Thursday, March 10, 2011

day before break


started my morning off with cardio. ran for 35 mins... i usually like to do more cardio, but idk, bit of a lazy day. probably cause its the last day before break! woot! on the one hand, i'm sooo ready for a week off. but on the other hand, i've been so good with my diet and exercise, and i know going home has a potential to fuck it all up. I loooveee baking, and when i'm home, well, i can just bake all day. i already picked out a few recipes to try.. one is a pb oreo cheesecake, and the other is a pb chocolate death cake. can you tell i like pb and chocolate? hahah yummmm. but then again, going home also has the perks of being able to grocery shop and not have to pay! hahaha so i can just go to the store with me mum and pick out good, healthy foods and cook dinner for the family all week =] this is pretty easy to do, cause my mom likes eating healthy (even tho she never does) and my brother will eat anything! 

some healthy dinners i think im going to make: 
turkey tacos (omnomnom!)
black bean burgers
beef stew <- not very low-cal, but packed with veggies!
and of course my fave: teriyaki chicken stir-fry

the only problem with going home is that there isn't really a way for me to work out. so, even if i eat healthy, that may not be enough. i can always run outside, but i'm REALLY bad at pacing myself when i run outside, so i end up sprinting for 5 mins, then i'm just too tired to go on. then theres always going on long walks... my brother likes to go on walks, so thats a possibility, but idk, i don't really think of walking as a "work out"... more of a "better than sitting on your ass and doing nothing" activity. hahaha. and lastly theres hiking. i looove hiking, and i think the weather should be nice enough to do it, i just don't know where. so, i guess i'll spend some time this afternoon googling it. 

anyhooos, on to some thinspo. usual stuff :) incase i'm not on here for a couple days, enjoy the weekend.

^perfection. i want to be her. 
<- so pretty!

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