Sunday, March 27, 2011

new week, more weight to lose


so i didn't rly weigh myself this morning cause my mom was still visiting. but i stepped on it quickly and it said 140 (with clothes on) so looks like i maintained my goal weight for the week! woot! i did pretty well this weekend, with my mom around and all the eating and stuff... didn't snack tooo much so thats good =]

my goal for next sunday is to be 138. which i don't think will be too hard cause that was my weight on friday. sooo maybe a second goal will be 136, but if i hit 138 that'll be fine too.

tmrws monday so that means my tae bo workout dvd after class. then tuesday morning will be running.. which i good cause i haven't done that since last tuesday and i tend to get angsty when i don't run for a while. i genuinely like to run =] i think im gonna try for 3 miles straight on tuesday.. haven't done that yet so it'll be good.

ok on to the thinspoooo:

^looove her body. she's long and thin and toned.

^love her side/under cut. i have a side cut i'm working on growing out, so when it gets a little longer i think i can do that and it'll be awesome =]

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