Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lots of pics!

so today was a nice surprise. i stepped on the scale and it read 139.. which means i already reached my goal for the week. buuut seeing as weight is a tricky bastard, i'm still gonna stick to my schedule and keep with it. 
today i am sore as all hell. still sore from the tae bo (have i mentioned how much i love it?) and yesterday i ran.. not for long.. like 2 miles tops. but i guess its working for me. later, after class and stuff, i'm going to do my 30min 'biggest loser' dvd. after doing the tae bo one this will be like a cake walk, but, its better for legs. the tae bo didn't rly work the legs too much (its my arms/shoulder/back thats sore) so this other dvd has more lunges and shit .. oh and crunched cause my tummy needs some shapin up!

who knows, maybe by sunday i'll be at 135? wishful thinking....

^loooooove, also, i used to have those headphones =P

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