Tuesday, March 22, 2011

diet and exercise plan

hey all

been a couple days. buuuut now i have a scale, a tae bo dvd, and a schedule. currently i weigh 142 lbs. a lot higher than i thought i would be. but i made a schedule and plan to lose about 18 pounds in 8 weeks (2-3 lbs/week) so i'll be about 125 by the end of april. I plan on running 3 times a week, and doing my tae bo dvd twice a week. lemme tell you, this tae bo dvd is an ass kicker. like, im soo sore. but it was real fun to do, and it didn't really feel like an hr long work out, but i was sweating like crazy and today my arms are TIRED! so, i think if i keep up my work out schedule and eat well it shouldn't be too hard to lose the weight and tone up. my goal for this week is to be 140 by sunday. when i reach 130 i think im gonna get my nipples pierced, cause i want them, but i think i should hold off till i reach my goal. 

on to the thinspo!

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  1. nie pics :D thanks keeps me motivated! liek this site helped me as well http://pro-thinspiration.com